Crawford County Highway Department

Crawford County Highway Department

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Crawford County Highway Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the County Highway system which serves the approximately 20,000 residents of Crawford County.

The Crawford County Highway Department maintains 155 miles of roads total, with all 155 miles being blacktop.

Regular operations include:
Roadway planning and programming, permitting, highway design and construction, road reconstruction and maintenance, bridge construction and maintenance, traffic sign installation and maintenance, right-of-way maintenance, and snow plowing

Problems: 618-123-123

Highway Department Employees

Office Manager
Valarie Dunlap

Shop Foreman
Marcus Kintner
Cell Ph. 618-554-2253

Tanner Nethery

Chief Operator
Mark Holt

Truck Drivers/Laborers
Travis Arnone
Doug Mendenhall
Tyler Vaughn
Chris Kurtz
Thomas Bell
Rick White
Chad Thacker

Hours and Details

PO Box 635
10312 N 900th
Robinson, IL 62454
Ph. 618-544-2416
Ph. 618-544-7211

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Shop Hours

Monday - Thursday 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Road Commissioners


Cris Bonnell

Work: 618-584-3687
Cell: 618-554-5717
3244 N 1000th St.
Flat Rock, IL 62427

LaMotte Township

George Fulling

Home: 618-586-2588
Work: 618-586-2812
Cell:  618-562-2810
19360 E River Road
Palestine, IL 62451

Martin Township

Donald Sisil

Home: 618-557-3026
Cell: 618-562-0643
4516 N 575th St.
Robinson, IL 62454

Prairie Township

Morris Short

Home: 618-569-3661
Cell: 618-562-8020
Robinson, IL 62454

Southwest Township

Earl Thacker

Home: 618-947-2269
Cell: 618-928-0616
4220 E Lawrence Ave
Sumner, IL 62466

Licking Township

Jack Snider

Shop: 618-592-3308
Home: 618-592-3134
Cell: 618-562-1680
16595 N 25th St.
Oblong, IL 62449

Hutsonville Township

Lance Hargrave

Home: 618-563-4481
15375 N 1650th St.
Palestine, IL 62451

Montgomery Township

Nolan Atteberry

Home: 618-584-3306
Work: 618-586-2386
Cell: 618-562-1700
20272 E 300th Ave
Flat Rock, IL 62427

Robinson Township

Monty Murray

Work: 618-546-5234
Cell: 618-554-4566
PO Box 
Robinson, IL 62454

Oblong Township

Jerry Ping

Home: 618-592-3028
Work: 618-592-4941
Cell: 618-562-3028
13782 N 300th St.
Oblong, IL 62449


Are You On FaceBook ?

Yes we are, you can find us by searching for Crawford County Highway Department or follow this link to stay up to date. 

How do i report a problem ?

You can use the link at the top of this page, or you can call the Highway Department at 123-456-7890

Can I Visit Your Website ?

Crawford County Highway Department has its own website portal here

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