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Crawford County Broadband Project Survey

Our community is currently experiencing a critical need for broadband access across the
county, and your input is essential to addressing it effectively. With the help of Benton Institute’s Broadband Breakthrough program, the Crawford County Broadband Project will be conducting a survey of Crawford County. The purpose of this survey is to gather valuable information that will help us understand the challenges our county is facing in terms of broadband connectivity and how it impacts various aspects of our lives, including, but certainly not limited to, education, business, industry, and agriculture.

Statement of the Problem:

Our county is experiencing a huge need for broadband access, impacting not only individual users but also crucial sectors such as agriculture and the three Fortune-500 businesses that call Crawford County home. Insufficient high-speed broadband is hindering the potential benefits it could bring to our area, particularly in the realm of agricultural production. The lack of reliable connectivity affects farmers’ access to vital information, markets, and technological advancements, as well as limiting growth of our local industries.

Benefits of High-Speed Broadband:

High-speed broadband could revolutionize the agricultural landscape in our county. It would enable farmers to access real-time data, market information, and advanced technologies, ultimately leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agricultural practices. It would make Crawford County more attractive to those looking to move to the area, in addition to benefiting the medical and educational fields.

Current Local Efforts:

We want to keep you informed about the ongoing local efforts to improve broadband infrastructure. Our dedicated broadband team, in collaboration with various partners, is working tirelessly to address the existing challenges. By understanding these efforts, you can see the collective commitment to enhancing our community’s connectivity.

Your Participation Matters:

Your participation in this survey is crucial. By sharing your experiences and insights, you will contribute to informed decision-making processes aimed at improving broadband access in our county. Your input will shape the strategies and initiatives undertaken to bridge the digital divide.


During the survey you will provide your address and take at least one speed test, which informs us of our projected infrastructure demands. If you have a local internet (using a router), you’ll need to make sure you are connected to your local internet service and NOT your cellular connection or hotspot. If you only have a cellular or hotspot connection, you’ll have the opportunity to take a speed test with that as well.

Link to the Survey:

Survey Details:

Start Date: Thursday, January 25
End Date: Friday, March 15
Link to the Survey:

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey or if you wish to get involved in distribution efforts, please feel free to reach out to one of our team’s co-leads:

Cat Rice, Burke Auction & Realty – 618-592-4200
Resa Shaner, Crawford County Development Association618-554-4218

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we can pave the way for a more
connected and prosperous community.

Crawford County Broadband Project Team

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