100 S. Douglas Street

Robinson, Illinois 62454

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Annual Farmland Assessment Review Committee 2023

Courthouse Annex 106 Douglas St, Robinson

The annual meeting of the Farmland Assessment Review Committee will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 7, in the Supervisor of Assessment’s office at the Courthouse Annex. This is a public meeting.


NOTICE:  This is a reminder there is a meeting for Building & Grounds @ 4:00 pm For Location please contact the sheriff.  Meetings are held at various County Buildings. (Courthouse, Annex, or Jail)

ESDA Meeting

NOTICE:  There is an ESDA Meeting the 1st Wednesday of each month @ 7:00pm

Road & Bridge Meeting

Crawford County Highway 10312 N 900th St, Robinson

NOTICE:  There is a Road & Bridge Meeting located at the Crawford County Highway Department @2:30 pm.

Claims Meeting

Courthouse Annex 106 Douglas St, Robinson

NOTICE:  There will be a Claims Meeting today @3:30 located in the Annex.

Forest Preserve Meeting

Forest Preserve 5886 E 1050th Ave, Robinson

NOTICE:  There is a Forest Preserve Meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 5:15 pm. Located at the Forest Preserve Cabin.

Solid Waste Meeting

NOTICE:  There is a meeting for Solid Waste every 3rd Thursday (Quarterly) @ 10:00 am Meetings are held at the solid Waste Agency - 1700 S Eaton (Phone#:618-544-7045)

Crawford County Board Meeting

Courthouse Annex 106 Douglas St, Robinson

NOTICE:  There is a Crawford County Board Meeting scheduled for tonight @ 6:00 pm, located in the Annex. Anyone wishing to appear or be placed on the agenda for the County Board is required to WRITE to the County Clerk by 12:00 Noon THURSDAY (1 week prior) to the County Board meeting.