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2022 Pay 2023 Important Dates

2022 Payable 2023 Important Tax Dates for Crawford County, IL

Mobile Home MailedJune 14th, 2023
Mobile Home Due DateAugust 31st, 2023
Tax Bills Mailed OutJune 14th, 2023
1st Due DateJuly 17th, 2023
2nd Due DateAugust 31st, 2023
Print & Send Reminder LettersWeek of September 18th, 2023
Print & Send Certified LettersWeek of October 2nd, 2023
Publication Robinson Daily NewsOct 21st, 2023
October 16th, 2023 last day to keep
name out of paper.
JudgementNovember 2nd, 2023
Tax SaleNovember 9th 2023
Tax Sale
*Register 10 days prior to sale date
(Oct 26, 2023)
*$250.00 to Registration
*Get Registration Fee back, if you show up and attempt to purchase.
*$100.00 Tax Sale List
Last day to pay with Checks or Credit Card October 20th, 2023