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Robinson, Illinois 62454

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Crawford County Assessor Freedom Of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act Policy

RecordRequests The Crawford County Board designates the Chief County Assessment Officer as FOIA Officer for this office and for the Board of Review. Records requested under the  Freedom of Information Act shall be made in writing to the Chief County Assessment Officer at P O Box 742, Robinson IL  62454. Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/3.1, the requestor must state whether the requested documents will be used for a commercial purpose as defined in 5 ILCS 20/2(c-5).  The requestor will be notified as soon as the documents are available for inspection and/or copying. The records may be accessed and reviewed at the Chief County Assessment Office, 100 South Douglas, Robinson, IL, 62454.

Fees There shall be no fee to inspect records.  Copying charges shall be $1.00 per page for documents, $2.00 per page for maps.  Payment is due at the time the documents are provided.  Information may be sent by U.S. Mail or faxed.  Pursuant to 35 ILCS 200/12-5, a statement of valuation shall be provided to taxpayers for their own property at no charge.  Information shall be provided free of charge to any Crawford County office or any political subdivision within Crawford County that has a reciprocal policy with the Chief County Assessment Officer. In accordance with 5 ILCS 140/6b, fees may be reduced or waived entirely upon a written request that includes the specific purpose of the request (including whether the data will be used for any commercial purpose) and the public interest that would be served. The Chief County Assessment Officer has sole discretion to act in this area and may request additional information in order to make a determination. 

Records Maintained  

The Chief County Assessment Officer and Board of Review maintain the following types and categories of records.  Please note that this list may include records that are partially or wholly exempt from disclosure under FOIA (5ILCS 140/7) 

  • Abstracts of Assessment
  • Address/Name Change Cards
  • Administrative Correspondence Files
  • Application for Disaster Area Assessment
  • Applications for Homestead Exemptions
  • Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records and Disposal Certificate
  • Assessment Record in Devnet Database
  • Board of Review Complaint Docket (Copies)
  • Board of Review Complaint Forms
  • Budget Information
  • Cash Receipts
  • Certificates of Error
  • Certificate of Publication, Publication Lists
  • Certificate of Status of Exempt Property
  • Deeds (Copies)
  • Disabled Persons Exemptions
  • Disabled Veterans Exemptions
  • Electronic Mail
  • Invoices
  • Legal Case Files
  • Mapping Files
  • Mobile Home Files and Records
  • Oil Assessment Records
  • Personnel Files
  • Personal Property Records
  • Property Records Cards
  • Property Tax Appeal Board Decisions
  • Real Estate Declarations
  • Returning Veteran Exemptions
  • Sales Ratio Studies
  • Time Cards
  • Veteran/Fraternal Orgination Files